Weight Loss Management

our methodology

We want every Sydenham Clinic member to thrive at their optimal weight, while nurturing a body that supports their chosen lifestyles. Weight is commonly associated with how we look, but it also plays a key role in health and longevity. Weight is important in determining our blood pressure, and excess weight raises our risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, and even several types of cancer.

A Solution For Weight Loss management 

For so many of us, extra pounds creep up as we live our busy lives, and the idea of addressing these issues often feels daunting and laden with inertia. This locks us in a vicious cycle, where we feel less than 100% but lack the knowledge and energy to address the underlying problems.  To add complexity to this already difficult situation, obesity can arise from many hidden factors. The often repeated solution is to eat less and move more - but our physicians understand that this is an oversimplification. For each of us, sleep imbalances, hormones, genomics, nutritional status, and gut health create an interplay of complex factors that determine how easy or difficult it is to maintain ideal weight.  

how we help

This is why, at Sydenham Clinic, our team comprises physicians and nutritionists who work together to uncover the hidden factors influencing your weight. We conduct in-depth evaluations of your macro- and micronutrient status, your genomics, hormones, insulin levels, gut health and food sensitivities. We then combine this information with a deep understanding of your lifestyle, goals and preferences.

The result is a plan that you will enjoy incorporating into your life - delicious healthy food choices tailored to you, an exercise program that you look forward to, and, where necessary, medications and supplements to support your goals.

Your problems with weight loss will be in the past after speaking with a Sydenham Clinic physician. Get clarity today.