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Private MD

We take a personalized approach to
your health

Sydenham Clinic is in the business of optimizing your health, so you live a longer, fuller life.
Sydenham is dedicated to supporting your journey to good health. We provide a strong, data- driven, evidence-based foundation for your medical team, by digging deeper into every aspect of your health. Our team of incredibly dedicated physicians provide care through functional and personalized medicine so you receive real results that improve your quality of life.

Sydenham offers Private MD to family and friends of those with Concierge Memberships.

private md Beverly Hills

Private MD Package

24/7 Access to your medical team

Rest easy knowing that we are always reachable in any emergency. Contact your physician at our luxury clinic, over the phone or online to access the support that you need, when you need it.

Baseline labs and imaging

Establish a picture of the current status of your health, and track your progress year on year with a program that covers all the critical aspects of your health. We seek to detect and address hidden signs of heart and liver disease risk, cancer markers, inflammation markers and other critical imbalances.

Personalized health plan

Manage your risk factors, both hereditary and lifestyle-related, with an achievable and enjoyable plan that focuses on all aspects of your day-to-day health management. Enhance your wellbeing with lifestyle and medical interventions or supplements that are targeted to your needs.