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The overall status of your health is intimately and inescapably linked with how your body digests. Your moods, chronic pains, autoimmune disease, fatigue and skin issues, and even disturbances in your immune system are just some of the dysfunctions that arise from sub-optimal gut health. 

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In the last few decades, medicine has made groundbreaking strides in understanding the interplay between gut health, the immune system and the human brain. Despite these clear links, poor gut health remains prevalent. Imbalanced dietary habits, a higher than ever proportion of caesarean section births, widespread antibiotic use and chronic stress are only a few of the factors that adversely impact gut health.

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Moreover, it is commonly overlooked in the reactive model of medicine where symptoms are treated in a siloed approach. 
At Sydenham Clinic, gut health is a cornerstone of what we do to have you feeling energized, happy and healthy. Your path to great health with us will incorporate detailed testing of your microbiome for an analysis of your gut flora. These bacteria contribute to our health in different ways - while some are beneficial, others can be pathogenic. Our detailed tests are laser focused on detecting any hidden dysbiosis, food sensitivities, inflammation, leaky gut, and other biomarkers that reveal the health of your digestive system. Most importantly, these are done under the supervision of a highly qualified team of practitioners who interpret your results with the big picture of you in mind. The result is a targeted plan of action, tailored exclusively to your needs.

The Sydenham Clinic team will support you each step of the way in your treatment, diet and supplementation, so that you adhere to and enjoy your new lifestyle and reap the benefits of vibrant energy.

Our Sydenham Clinic physicians have a wide variety of methods to improve your gut health.