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Your journey into
optimal health

Your journey into optimal health focuses on Sydenham’s Seven Pillars that form the basis for wellness. Our goal for you is to ensure that each pillar is respected, fortified, and nourished.
Our Concierge Membership is an annual membership where you are given 24/7 access to a primary care physician who devises a personalized plan for your health. How does Sydenham do that? Here is our process:

Analyze your genetics 

Genomics testing at Sydenham Clinic studies 800 variations in your genomic code, across 33 different categories. These reveal how your genes might influence cognition, heart health, inflammatory risks, obesity risks and diabetes, among others.  From here, we are able to ascertain the best mitigation strategies, address your specific nutritional needs, and deploy diagnostic testing, medications and other targeted interventions, where necessary.

Full nutrition evaluation

The Sydenham Clinic team studies your nutritional status in the greatest possible detail, beginning with an analysis of the vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, collagen, and choline that your body assimilates from your current diet.In addition, our evaluation encompasses a picture of your toxic load and oxidative stress, so that a nutritional plan can be designed to mitigate the inflammation that these might cause.

Metabolic testing 

A full body examination and workup from sleep to hormones helps us get the entire picture of your health so we can combine your genetics and nutrition evaluation results to formulate the perfect plan for you.

Customized health plan

Based on the results of your evaluations, your Sydenham primary care will devise a series of actionable plans that bring total synergy to your lifestyle across nutrition, medication, supplements, sleep, and exercise. Our method means getting to the root cause and attacking anything that comes up as a team.

Outside of your customized health plan to a longer, fuller life, your concierge membership includes:

Unlimited 24/7 access to your medical team including physicians, nutritionists, and functional medicine practitioners

Specialist care

Medical record

Baseline labs
and imaging


24-hour Private
ER Membership

Sleep support including
the Ōura Ring

Whether your goal is prevention, longevity, or crisis management, our network of luxury clinics and deep partnerships bring you seamless access to quality care. Schedule a clinic tour to meet with a doctor and discuss next steps.