Aesthetics Team

Dr. Jefferson Maradei, PhD

Expert in Laser Physics and Aesthetics

Dr. Jefferson Maradei, PhD, has a distinguished career spanning over two decades. With a Ph.D. in Laser Physics, Dr. Maradei has dedicated his professional life to mastering the intricacies of laser technology and its applications in aesthetic medicine. He currently practices at the Sydenham Clinic where he offers a range of advanced laser treatments, injectable procedures, and non-surgical facelifts. His expertise in addressing complex skin concerns, such as pigmentation issues, vascular lesions, and scar management, is complemented by his skill in performing sophisticated injectable treatments aimed at enhancing facial aesthetics. Dr. Maradei’s approach to patient care is deeply personalized, focusing on achieving natural-looking results that align with individual patient goals. His commitment to excellence in the field of medical aesthetics is evidenced by research contributions and his reputation as a respected expert in both laser physics and aesthetic treatments.