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Nutrition Optimization

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Over the last several decades, many of us have found ourselves following the less than ideal Standard American Diet. Much variety and color has been lost from our day to day dietary choices, that are often driven by convenience, habit and lifestyle. 

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We are increasingly beginning to learn the profoundly detrimental effects of such a diet. As we understand the interplay between the unique needs of your physiology, gut and genomics on the one hand and the importance of an array of nutrients on the other hand, it is clear that your diet needs to be customized to the highest possible degree.

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The Sydenham Clinic team studies your nutritional status in the greatest possible detail, beginning with an analysis of the vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, collagen, and choline that your body assimilates from your current diet. In addition, our evaluation encompasses a picture of your toxic load and oxidative stress, so that a nutritional plan can be designed to mitigate the inflammation that these might cause.

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We take this a step further as we integrate the results from your genomics tests, that tell us what particular nutritional needs you have, and how your body makes and deploys certain vitamins and minerals.

Our detailed approach comprises biomarkers, genomics, food sensitivities, predispositions and incorporates a patient education program that places you in the driver's seat of your bespoke diet for life.

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