Sydenham Method

Narrowing the 17-year research-to-medical-practice gap. We combine the most cutting-edge scientific innovation with ancient wisdom to deliver the most comprehensive possible healthcare.

Our Philosophy

Health is far more than the absence of disease

Health stands for a long life, lived to its fullest

Health means thriving each day

Health is peace
of mind
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the Seven Pillars

We believe that enhanced longevity and healthspan are achievable for anyone who adopts a proactive approach.
To allow us to empower you on your journey to thriving, we have set Seven Pillars as our foundation. Together, these seven pillars determine how you feel and perform, from the inside out.

Our comprehensive epigenetic tests reveal the elements that make you unique. Our advanced tests study hundreds of thousands of your genes at a time to build the most robust picture of your health, now and in the future. 

Your specific genomic markers indicate inherited health conditions that you may be susceptible to, and also how best we can manage these risks.

Genomics testing can provide vital clues in the very early detection of many cancers, neurological disorders, and other genetic conditions and predispositions. Other vital information that they shine a light on includes your propensity to nutritional imbalances, drugs and medications that are best suited

Sleep is an essential component of good health, energy and mood. Disordered sleep can be linked to a host of diseases and conditions. 

That is why our physicians take your sleep very seriously. Your diagnostic analysis at our clinics comprises a detailed study of your sleep data, which we obtain from your state-of-the- art wearable. 

We recognize that each of us is different in our circadian rhythms, eating habits, family life, social interactions, and demands of work. With so many variables that determine how you sleep, there is no one size fits all prescription to bring you the most restorative sleep. 

Where needed, our team will work in tandem to address all the factors that affect your sleep. This is a highly bespoke and iterative process with a single goal – to have you wake up refreshed and feeling great about each day.

How your digestion works has perhaps the most profound influence on your health. 

High stress levels, busy lifestyles, poor sleep hygiene, a suboptimal diet are only a few of the important factors that influence your gut’s functioning. 

Fatigue, poor sleep quality, cravings for sugar, difficulty managing weight, skin irritation, migraines, mood swings, and autoimmune conditions are only a small sample of how an unhealthy gut can manifest. 

Our team spends a great deal of time analyzing your lab results to determine the state of your gut. You will work closely with our doctors and nutritionists on not just formulating but also on adhering to a plan that will bring your digestion into sharp focus. 

We understand that changing how you eat is not always easy. That is why you will have a motivated and knowledgeable team by your side as you embark on these positive changes to bring about a deeper enjoyment of your life.

Hormones determine a great deal of how we age and the quality of our lives. Age and lifestyle, however, often lead to subtle imbalances in hormones that have you feeling emotionally, mentally or physically sub-par. 

Our precisely tailored tests and investigations aim to uncover your risk factors for hormonal imbalances and addressing them using a wide array of tools. We deploy stress management, sleep optimization, improved gut health, exercise and herbs and medication in varying combinations to suit the needs of each Sydenham Clinic member.

The biggest picture of all relates to physiology – to us, that signifies how all your body’s systems interact with each other to produce the outcomes that you want. 

Each person is structured to be different – a fact that we at Sydenham Clinic celebrate. With no standard prescription or formula that fits everyone, we dedicate our resources to understanding how your body performs in line with your goals and dreams.

We recognize just how central your nutrition is to your health – which is why the Sydenham Clinic team has dedicated nutritionists who support you in crafting a diet that will both nourish you and bring you joy. 

Almost all our diagnostics tests and tools will reveal important information about your body’s needs and preferences. This information will help us take you from surviving to truly thriving. 

With our team at your service, you will find unlimited support in crafting a plan that you love. We are on hand, 24/7, to ensure that your plan works for you.

In examining the comprehensive picture of you, we also focus on psychology as one of the cornerstones of vibrant health. Our goal is to enhance the healthspan of all our members, which necessitates the inculcation of a positive state of mind. 

Our health-focused clinics bring you an oasis of calm, where you can unwind, destress and direct your focus inward. With occasional events and classes, you will find lots of positive reasons to spend your precious time at Sydenham Clinic. Here you will immerse in activities like cooking classes, yoga, ta’i chi and many others. Enjoy a sense of belonging to the Sydenham Clinic community while you benefit from the common focus on longevity and the optimization of you.