Omnia Membership

Bring your health into sharper focus

Sydenham Clinic is in the business of optimizing your health, so you live a longer, fuller life. Our Omnia membership includes advanced testing that studies hundreds of thousands of your genes, nutrition, and hormones to build the most robust picture of your health, now and in the future. You will work closely with our highly-skilled functional medicine doctors and nutritionists on not just formulating, but also on adhering to a plan that will bring your health into sharp focus.
Our Omnia Membership not only includes cutting-edge testing, but a deeply personalized health plan to provide you with peace of mind and improve your overall quality of life.

Omnia Membership Package

Initial visit with physician & nutritionist

The Sydenham team will establish a deep understanding of your medical history, your current lifestyle, your likes and dislikes as well as your health goals. No detail is too trivial for our team, as we take every factor into account in bringing you closer to your health goals.

Extensive genomics testing

Understand your genetic predispositions and strengths to incorporate this highly personalized information into your health plan. Mitigate key risk factors using the most relevant interventions with the support of a dedicated and experienced team.

Nutritional evaluation and testing

Understand how your nutritional status contributes to how you look and feel. Evaluate the availability of critical nutrients in your system and address any gaps that could result in sub-optimal health and energy.

Hormone testing

Measure the levels of critical hormones in your system via state-of-the-art testing. We seek to optimize these vital components of your health by studying a range of symptoms, from energy levels to sleep quality, that provide vital information on your hormonal balance.

Body composition analysis

Establish a picture of your body’s physical structure and how it impacts your health. Establish baseline muscle mass and body fat percentage, understand their impact on your current state of wellbeing, and set goals to optimize your balance – all with the support of a dedicated team of nutritionists and physicians.

Oura ring for sleep optimization

Measure the quality and quantity of your sleep and understand its interplay with your energy levels and mood. Learn what factors uniquely impact the quality of your sleep, and calibrate your daily activity to ensure deep and restful sleep.

Baseline labs and imaging

Establish a picture of the current status of your health, and track your progress year on year with a program that covers all the critical aspects of your health. We seek to detect and address hidden signs of heart and liver disease risk, cancer markers, inflammation markers and other critical imbalances.

2-hour genomic review with physician

You will receive your detailed report and review all its salient features with your physician. Learn how your genomics impact your health, the risk factors that you need to mitigate, and even what aspects of your lifestyle can better support your unique genetic makeup.

Personalized health plan

The result is a plan that you enjoy, that not only mitigates your risks but also supports your strengths and builds on what you love. Thrive as you eat, sleep and exercise in support of your health. Rest easy knowing that your supplements and medication, where needed, have been tailored to your needs.

Follow up visits with physician & nutritionist

Ensure that your health plan is both enjoyable and effective with regular review meetings where we evaluate your sleep, diet and exercise, and their effects on how you feel. Your team will assess the efficacy of your supplement program and medical interventions, if any, at these regular reviews.