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Ask Syd #5: Gabriela Gerhart | Empowered Motherhood

Join us in this enlightening podcast episode, ‘Empowered Motherhood: Navigating Wellness with Functional Medicine in Today’s Pregnancy Journey,’ as we delve into the intersection of functional medicine and the transformative journey of motherhood. We are thrilled to have Gabriela Gerhart, a renowned expert in maternal health and founder of the Motherhood Center, as our special guest. Drawing from her extensive experience, Gabriela shares insights into the principles of functional medicine and how they can be applied to enhance the well-being of expecting mothers. Explore the holistic approach to pregnancy, focusing on nutrition, stress management, and personalized care. Discover practical tips and evidence-based strategies for a healthier, more empowered pregnancy journey. Whether you’re a mom-to-be, a healthcare professional, or simply interested in holistic wellness, this episode promises valuable perspectives on navigating the beautiful and complex landscape of motherhood.

Intro – Aanchal: On today’s podcast “Ask Syd” we welcome

Question #1: What is Alzheimer’s disease and why is it important?

Question #2: What are the different types?

Question #3: How do we address it and test for it?

Question #4: How can nutrition play a role? Sleep? Stress?

Question #5: What is your Life Sutra? What is your philosophy for your life? What is your secret Sutra?

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