#8 | The Benefits of Healthy Sex and Intimacy

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#8 | The Benefits of Healthy Sex and Intimacy

On today’s episode of Life Sutras with Aanchal Bhatia, Aanchal discuss the health benefits of sex and intimacy with expert Mary Jo Rapini, Sydenham Clinic’s Sex Therapist and Houston Chronicle’s columnist. Mary Jo talks about why sex is important for well-being, and what a healthy sexual relationship looks like.

Mary Jo Rapini is a speaker, psychotherapist, and author encouraging healthy relationships. She is on Fox Houston 26 on Mondays and Thursdays with a segment on healthy relationships and “Ask Mary Jo.” She has been a contributor for CNN’s Prime News and has been on CBS up to the Minute, Fox National Morning News, Montel, Steve Harvey, the Today Show and Dateline. Mary Jo was also featured in TLC’s Big Medicine (two seasons) and Discovery Health Channel.

Mary Jo is a love/relationship expert for the Houston Chronicle, Health News Digest, Your Tango. She is also a contributor to Cosmopolitan Magazine, Women’s Health First, Seventeen Magazine, Redbook, and Self Magazine as needed. She has a column in Prime Living Magazine which is released every other month.

Links from today’s episode:
Re-Coupling: A Couple’s 4-Step Guide to Greater Intimacy and Better Sex

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