#12 | COVID & India What Should We Do

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#12 | COVID & India What Should We Do

We had great feedback from the first COVID special. We have returned with a part 2 from our COVID Special to give you more information from this discussion. For this special conversation, Aanchal Bhatia discussed topics ranging from how to safely isolate to how to keep physically fit in this current and tragic new COVID wave in India. She was accompanied by two extraordinary guests: Dr. Nashat Latib, IFM certified ER doctor, and Dr. Surinder Kaul, General Internal Medicine doctor at Baylor College of Medicine.

This discussion provides great tips on what you can do in this time of need. We know and understand how tough the situation is, but we also believe that you need to keep yourself in check to ensure everyone around you stays safe and well too.

This episode is intended for informative purposes only, and it is purely a discussion and not medical advice.

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