Many men with low testosterone report improved energy levels, sex drive, and mood after testosterone treatment. If testosterone is low, why not replace it?

Not so fast. A low testosterone level by itself doesn’t need treatment. Testosterone replacement therapy can have side effects, and the long-term risks and benefits aren’t known. Only men with symptoms of low testosterone and blood levels that confirm this as the cause of symptoms should consider testosterone replacement. Talking with your doctor is the only way to know if testosterone therapy is right for you.

The necessity can only truly be dictated by their testosterone levels.

It’s useful in some men, if they truly have low testosterone levels. You have to have a combination of symptoms in more than one testosterone reading. TRT can help with maintaining muscle mass, improving insulin-resistance, is probably protective from heart disease, also, important for erectile function and libido. Adequate levels of testosterone are also very important in women. In many women, their testosterone levels fall prior to the loss of estrogen, which occurs in early menopause. Adequate testosterone is important in women for many of the same reasons as it is for in men but at much lower levels. Testosterone is frequently replaced transdermaly, through the skin, by injections, or with pellets.

At Sydenham Clinic, we take a personalized and in-depth approach to evaluating our patients for Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).