Exclusive country clubs. Fine dining establishments. Premier sporting events. Upscale gym memberships. Upgraded travel accommodations. These are meaningful perks enjoyed by many business executives. And now there’s a new kid in town: corporate medical concierge services – a solution for busy executives whose calendars are consumed with meetings, travel, business meals, and entertaining clients.

Companies have long considered people, including leaders at the helm, to be their greatest asset. Still, they only recently have had an opportunity to put their money where their mouth is with a comprehensive healthcare solution for the C-suite.

Corporate Concierge Healthcare

C-suite Wellness

Current-day wellness programs take a holistic approach to combat physical, mental, and emotional issues employees at all levels face in life. As a niche service targeting the top brass, corporate medical concierge services programs have emerged.

Here’s why.

Busy executives live a fast-paced life with jam-packed schedules. Every day, countless demands and tremendous stress are placed on the physical, mental, and emotional health of senior executives. They eat out … entertain … pivot from important meetings to critical conference calls … carry the weight of the company on their shoulders.

With these demands setting the backdrop, concierge healthcare carries the power to transform the lives of company leaders who carry these stressful workloads, face tremendous time constraints, and require streamlined, efficient medical care. And that’s where Sydenham Clinic steps in: to redefine C-suite health with exceedingly personal care through a comprehensive solution and unparalleled thoroughness with zero compromises.

Redefining Healthcare for the C-suite

In a league of its own, corporate concierge medical care moves the healthcare needs of busy executives from the backseat to the front seat. And it provides a no-excuses answer to anyone who questions whether they have the time or patience to see multiple physicians for multiple reasons, tax their already-swamped schedules traveling to appointments, searching for a parking spot, and risking wasted time in noisy waiting rooms.

Here’s how. 

Sydenham’s tranquil atmosphere sets the backdrop for a peaceful, comprehensive healthcare experience rooted in scientific innovation, ancient wisdom, and comprehensive care from masterful physicians dedicated to members’ well-being. We promptly greet members upon arrival and welcome them to a consultation room – and yes, we refer to those we serve as members, not patients, because they belong to an annual fee-based luxury clinic that provides access to important soup-to-nuts benefits and perks not available beyond our exclusive oasis:

  • Around-the-clock access to a devoted medical team of physicians, nutritionists, and functional medicine practitioners
  • Specialist care coordination
  • No frustrating wait times
  • Proactive testing including testing 800 genomic variations for disease predispositions, drug affiliations, fat breakdown and the metabolism of vitamins and minerals
  • Baseline labs and imaging with same-day results for many tests
  • A targeted, customized care plan for optimized health
  • Nutrition evaluation and tailored eating plan
  • Functional mobility assessment though The Houstonian Club to identify imbalances in mobility and stability
  • Annual executive physical that streamlines a range of tests and exams in a single clinic visit
  • Prescription drug services
  • Medical records management
  • Oura smart ring to track sleep, activity levels, temperature trends, stress and heart rate
  • Members-only events
  • Global air ambulance support

The Sydenham Difference

Our method of healthcare delivery is built on seven pillars of well-being: genomics, sleep, nutrition, gut health, psychology, physiology and hormones. By obtaining a 360-degree view of a member’s unique blend of these seven pillars, Sydenham provides targeted, comprehensive healthcare for primary care, weight loss management, gut health, sleep support, nutrition optimization, genomic testing and natural fertility.

Sydenham’s solution is uniquely designed for executives who need a time-efficient approach to staying on top of their health, nutrition, weight and sleep pattern. And we do so by employing an innovative approach aligned with many of the same attributes important to executives in their daily business lives: no cookie-cutter approach, no one-size-fits-all plan and no guesswork.

A Matter of Opportunity

Taking care of executive health is a matter of opportunity – an opportunity to proactively manage goals ranging from prevention to longevity and even crisis situations. Sydenham’s corporate medical concierge services ensure seamless access to quality care in a relaxed retreat-like setting without typical medical appointment hassles and wait times. Bottom line: proactive care is investment in leadership.

Here’s what. 

No hassles or frustrating wait times. No juggling of doctor appointments or maneuvering multiple facilities. No noisy facilities or impersonal interactions with care providers.

Investing in your health or that of your company’s corporate executives is an investment that pays big dividends. If you’re interested in learning more about executive healthcare in an efficient, private setting, contact us at 713.629.6288 or info@sydenhamclinic.com