Ask Syd #4: Shana Tatum | Alzheimer’s – Defining Disease and Targeting Interventions

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Ask Syd #4: Shana Tatum | Alzheimer’s - Defining Disease and Targeting Interventions

Join Aanchal Bhatia, CEO of Sydenham Clinic, and Shana Tatum, Sydenham’s Nutritionist & Dietician with IFMCP certification, in an insightful discussion on the intricate connection between nutritional deficiencies and Alzheimer’s disease. Delve into the significance of how these deficiencies are not only associated with but can also serve as predictors of the severity of Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline in the elderly. Discover the pivotal role of specific dietary elements in mitigating cognitive risks. Explore the impact of incorporating foods rich in B Vitamins and Omega-3 Fatty Acids to combat oxidative stress, a key contributor to Alzheimer’s. Learn about the importance of controlling glucose levels as a proactive measure in reducing the risk of this debilitating disease. Beyond nutrition, gain valuable insights into holistic approaches that go beyond the plate. Uncover the significance of lifestyle factors such as minimizing toxic exposure, providing hormonal support, engaging in regular exercise, prioritizing quality sleep, and adopting stress reduction techniques. Understand how these lifestyle adjustments can collectively contribute to lowering the overall risk of Alzheimer’s disease. This engaging discussion promises a comprehensive exploration of the multifaceted strategies that can be employed to promote cognitive health and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Join Aanchal Bhatia and Shana Tatum as they share their expertise and actionable insights to empower individuals in their journey towards cognitive well-being. Intro – Aanchal: On today’s podcast “Ask Syd” we welcome Nutritionist & Dietitian, Shana Tatum. Finding wellness through the power of food, balanced with good sleep, daily movement, stress reduction and meaningful relationships, registered dietitian and nutritionist Shana Tatum deeply believes optimal wellness and vitality can be realized. She tests clients for potential nutrient deficiencies in order to develop a targeted plan to achieve their health goals at Sydenham Clinic. Through this health-centered approach, Shana’s goal is to empower clients to step into and find their own healthy balance. Here at Sydenham Clinic, she is committed to providing first-class nutritional coaching and one-on-one meal planning to reach each client’s health objectives and dietary needs. She is especially interested in the relationship between mental health and the influences of diet and lifestyle as a means to find solutions to restore balance and prevent further cognitive decline. We are going to discuss Alzheimer’s Disease. Question #1: What is Alzheimer’s disease and why is it important? Question #2: What are the different types? Question #3: How do we address it and test for it? Question #4: How can nutrition play a role? Sleep? Stress? Question #5: What is your Life Sutra? What is your philosophy for your life? What is your secret Sutra? Closing- Aanchal: Thank you for joining “Ask Syd,” we are here to empower you to take charge of your health journey because, remember, health is not by chance; it’s by choice. Please do leave questions and comments in the chat box below and do not forget to hit subscribe!