#6 | The Key To Beating Breast Cancer

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#6 | The Key To Beating Breast Cancer

Today we are joined by the most notable radiologist in Houston, Dr. Mahesh Shetty. As we are in Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there is nobody better to hear from than the man who has been a leader in the field for 25 years

Welcome to Life Sutras, a podcast about wellness, biohacking, and everything that helps us create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Our podcast is hosted by the founder and CEO of Sydenham Clinic Aanchal Bhatia.

Sydenham Clinic is a members-only private healthcare management clinic in River Oaks, Houston, that brings cutting-edge medicine and 5-star hospitality to the city in an unprecedented way.

Sydenham Clinic- https://www.sydenhamclinic.com
Dr. Shetty- https://www.thebreastandimagingcenter

Producer: Aaryaman Bhatia
Videographer: John Guel